Over the weekend

I have a few things I want to get crossed off my list this weekend;

  • making the retro citrus slice recipe that Julie Le Clerc has in the August issue of Next Magazine.
  • ripping the gib off the lounge wall. I think we must be mad, as it will be at least two months before the proper alterations can be done and it will look like we are living in a construction site. However, Mike is itching to get this done.
  • removing the books from the guest bathroom and putting them on the books shelves upstairs ( I know, the bathroom!, but it was the only place to put them, until we could put them upstairs.) Last Sunday  decided to remove the books from the spare room into our bedroom. But once the snow came I just left them in the bathroom.

  • sorting out a craft space in the spare room.
  • downloading “The Year of the Unexpected” onto the kobo this weekend, thanks for the recommendation Julie.
  • scrapbooking and playing with this die that I bought at  Paper Arts last weekend.
  • replying to emails, I haven’t touched my inbox since Thursday.
  • returning library books.
  • Soak in the bath on Sunday,

What do you have on your “To Do” list this weekend?


  1. My list includes packing, food shopping, packing, ohh did I mention PACKING!!

  2. Kayaking!
    Because last week we bought a kayak of our own. Just before the big storm hit us :) So we’ve been out once (Sunday). And will go out again this weekend :)

  3. My list … with a bit of luck, lots of creativity and throw in a little housework, a little cooking, keeping warm, perhaps a soak in the bath, a little ironing … well that’s it … weekend gone. The weekend thief always finds me.

  4. Crikey woman that’s a bit of a list! I want to sort out my overflowing garage (we put the bbq etc in there because we thought we might need it if the power went out with the snow), and gotta mow those ever growing lawns.

  5. I hope you get to cross everything off your list … good luck!

  6. Well … I hope you got those books sorted … otherwise Sunday bath night is going to be interesting! On my list is a science fair project … hopefully the child it involves is in a co-operative mood tomorrow.

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