Tea Cup Tuesday – I Invite You

I invite you magnanimously

to please be my guest for tea

at a room with high standards of taste

where the hostess remembers my face

and greets me by name at the door

and recalls what I’ve ordered before

and inquires kindly after my day,

and appreciates all that I say.

She’ll have orange pekoe for the pot

and darjeeling, as likely as not,

or if you are not in the pink

our hostess knows which herbs to drink,

like ginger to help with the grippe

mixed with cinnamon and the rose hip;

or fresh lemon balm if you wish,

perhaps blended with sweet liquorice.

So whether you feel well or ill,

this refreshment will quite fit the bill

and, of course, you will quite enjoy me.

Yours truly. RSVP

 -Aubrey Henslow

This artwork in the photo I picked up at the NZ Art Show at the end of July this year.  The artist of this gorgeous piece of art is Veronica Young. You can check out her website here, for glimpses of her other gorgeous creations.  I fancy her “Affectionately Yours” and “Bluebird Afternoon” works as well.

Thanks for your comments in yesterday’s post, it occurred to me afterwards that eating dinner in the lounge coincided with winter and the lounge being a place of  warmth and comfort with the fireplace being in there. I can report dinner was at the table tonight and I got a few more items ticked off on my “to do list” today.


  1. A beautiful canvas!
    In response to your question in last post – we eat at the table nearly every night and have done since the kids were young. Was very funny one night a few years when we decided to eat in the lounge – Finn got most upset that we weren’t sitting at the table – LOL – so cute! Actually it’s probably weekends now that we tend to sit in the lounge.

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