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I wondered about the irony of buying self tanning lotion yesterday as I walked home from the bus stop which is a seven minute walk on a nice day but takes longer with gales and heavy rain. By the time I walked in the front door my shoes and trousers were drenched. Today the sun is shining and there is a slight murmur of wind. Today the irony of buying self tanning lotion doesn’t seem so silly. I love the smell of this self tanning lotion because it smells tropical and summery.

Another Trade Me package turned up today. A book on Hydrangeas. I am wanting to buy some more plants to place around the home. I like this book as it is written by Glyn Church a kiwi author and covers a spectrum of topics from the varieties of this beautiful flower to the landscaping and climatic requirements.

This afternoon my copy of Homestyle Magazine arrived and one article that caught my eyes was these gorgeous tents. I thought how cute the Grandma’s tent would be for a grown up. The instructions for the Trendy Teepee and the cute Grandma’s Tent are online.

Then this popcorn wreath appealed to me in the December issue of NZ House and Garden. The instructions are pretty easy. Materials include, a paper plate, a needle, thread (either fishing line or dental floss) and popped plain corn.  Cut the middle out of the plate, thread popcorn onto your chosen thread and then wind and wrap around the plate. Double up the garlands for depth and shape. Fill in any gaps with single pieces of corn. Decorate with ribbon and hang. This is not edible.

What has inspired you today?


  1. Lots of gorgeousness there Janine. The kids have been making their Christmas trees today – using the cool melt glue guns to cover them with all sorts of sparkly things – not so much an inspiration but reminds you how magical Christmas is for them.

  2. You might find that mice like that popcorm wreath ;P

  3. I use the dove body lotion with a hint of tanning in it – fab- u lus lol I don’t tan and it just gives a nice natural colour :-)

  4. Nothing like new magazines to inspire and motivate!
    I must admit that I haven’t even pulled out my self tan lotion yet — I use the Elle Macpherson one, I love it — although I probably should have done so before our holiday to Australia, because GEE my legs are white!!! ;-)

  5. I remember Hydrangas as flowers my grandmother and old people had in their gardens – but they are so trendy nowadays! and very pretty. I love the soft antiquy colours and large blooms:)

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