Today I….

  • went op shopping with Bev and bought some cool things, my best buy would be a suitcase for $2.50,
  • had my three-week eye brow threading appointment,
  • made a chocolate cake for our neighbour get together tomorrow,
  • filled in the enrolment form for this course,
  • decided on a book lovers theme for my birthday tea party,
  • feel like the month of Feb will be”organisation” around the home month,
  • received a phone call from my mother in law this afternoon, to tell that my sister-in-law may have her baby in the next two weeks instead of the end of Feb,
  • made a “to do” list for the next few days.

On another note, I will post details of the tea towel swap in the next few days.


  1. I hope that suitcase is becoming a mini gift wrap station! I would love to create a bedside table out of a stack of cute, mini suitcases. I’m always on the lookout for them here, but I find the charity shops are just not very good in this country. They’re only good for teacups and such – I’m down with that.

    p.s. You lure me in with your pictures.

  2. That course sounds fun. Years ago I got a few books on aromatherapy. I bought tons of different oils and started using them for various ailments. They do have great medicinal properties, and we still use essential oils a lot to help treat colds/flu (either burning them or putting in the bath) and also for aches, pains and cramps. I know you will love the course.

  3. The course looks great and very much suited to you….Hope it goes well.
    Big hugz :-)

  4. ooo – aunty sooner rather than later! Hope all is ok though.

    Hope you get into the course. :-)

  5. What a great idea to enorol for an aromatherapy course, always great to keep on learning.

  6. That course sounds fun. :-)
    BTW I think you should join Heidi up for the tea towel swap! ;-) I am sure she would love some gaudy funky tea towels that don’t match her decor hehehee

  7. okay, have to ask the question … what is an eyebrow threading appointment … OMG it sounds painful … please share.

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