Homemade Pizza

Thank You for the comments and emails in my earlier post. I am in a good head space this year. I decided that when I said goodbye to 2011 that 2012 would be a better year. It doesn’t mean I wont be sad about not being a mother/parent, but the good stuff far outweighs the negatives.  :-) As many of you pointed out, Mike and I get to do the fun stuff and create some awesome memories and be the cool Aunty and Uncle to our nieces and nephews and our friends children and that in itself is a wonderful thing.

Towards the end of last year I decided that I wanted to focus on making more food from scratch and get back to basics with food. So in January I challenged myself to make pizza dough and not buying a base. I know I can hear some of your groaning, that I have never done this before. One of the reasons we bought pre made pizza bases was convenience, and secondly a phobia about using yeast. I had no problem using yeast in the bread maker as the machine does all the work for me. While I know that I could use the bread maker or my kitchen mixer which has a dough hook, to aid me in making the pizza base, I wanted to make the base by hand.

A search on Mrs Cakes blog was helpful and I used the recipe she shared on her blog here. The recipe was easy and I have now made this recipe several times. The first time we made the recipe we made quite thick bases, which while I found great I found it quite heavy. Since then I have halved the recipe and made two thinner bases, or made the full recipe and made four thinner bases and used half and frozen the other half.

Last night Mike and I celebrated the “weather bomb” with homemade pizza base and pizza sauce and raided our fridge using leftovers for toppings. Of course no pizza is complete without a few glasses of Pinot Noir . So tell me, do you make your own pizza base?


  1. mmmmm homemade pizza’s are the best! We make our own dough in the bread maker :-)

  2. Up to now have bought the bases as quick fixes for a hungry and bottomless pit of a 16yr old but fully intend to make my own when I get around to it especially seeing as I was given a pizza stone thingie. LOL

  3. Yep, make mine using the recipe in the Edmonds cookbook, never fails, easy as. Although, I can never get mine nice and round like yours!

  4. Do you use your breadmaker to make the pizza dough? I don’t have a breadmaker, so I am always a bit put off making my own dough for bread or pizza. Having said that, I do make my own naan bread, and I have made pizza bases in the past (the old fashioned way). Must do it again sometime. Yours looks really yum!!

  5. I agree with Julie, homemade pizza’s are the best especially Andre’s!!! Though your pizza does look delicious, we will just add that to the list of things to do when we make it to Wellington again!

  6. Before kids I used to make my own bases for pizza (had more time hehee). Now anything that is quick is good for me! So we buy the bases and slap on the toppings. Pizza is Aaron’s favourite food :-)
    We got a breadmaker soon after we were married and I also used that to make the dough, but breadmakers are dangerous for putting on weight! I swear the smell of a fresh baked loaf would added inches to my hips! Sure tasted good though hehe

  7. Yes indeedy! Mind you I do let the dough hook do the kneading. :-) I use Donna Hay’s recipe – it’s a good one for us. Takes 30 mins for rising and you can use it so there is no delays. We like things like salami, olives, capers etc.

  8. Nothing beats homemade pizza on home made bases – well done you:) (scone dough makes a really good pizza base, use oil instead of butter to make it crisper).

  9. looking good! I often opt for the wholemeal pita breads though as my base – love them crispy.

  10. Yum, love homemade pizza and your’s looks delish!

  11. once upon a time, a long time ago … lol … well I just used to whip up a scone dough as a base and got the rolling pin out and filled a baking tray with dough and went for it …

    now though … a three pack of pizza bases, one for each of us … throw everything on the top and we have one each … you eat it when you are good and ready and don’t have to share with anyone else … lol … made pizzas on Saturday night.

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