Book Swap/Worm Birthday Party

March 18, I held a book swap party with some close friends to celebrate my birthday. The theme came to me when I was sorting through my book collection to let go of some books. I thought it would be great if some friends would be able to get some use out of them. Hence the birthday theme came to fruition. The invitation explained that it was a book swap party and asked if they could bring a book to swap. The Invitations were enclosed in a LadyBird book and wrapped in brown paper.

As I went through my books I kept a few aside that I thought would suit each of my guests and wrapped them. On the day of the party, I presented each guest with a wrapped book.

Instead of a birthday cake this year, I had cupcakes. My brief to the wonderful women was that I was having a book swap/worm theme and the colour scheme was red and white. I loved what they came up with and they were super cute and tasted divine.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I like to have a nice cup of tea or coffee when I sit down and read. Party favours included red and white mugs for each guest filled with a bookmark that I made using this template. I popped some sour worms into a cellophane bag and made a topper using this template. I added some cute adhesive book labels that I found at Whitcoulls and a mini pack of biscuits to the mug. Included in their book bags was a $5.00 book voucher to use for Book Month.

I got these red calico bags for my guests to use to put their new books in. The service I got from Uniform NZ was outstanding.

I had two tables set up one for Fiction and the other for non fiction books. I even had some magazines on the table too. I used the white ladder in the photo above for Young Adult and children’s books. My friends were told to browse the tables and use the red bags to place the books they wanted into the bag. At first my friends were rather polite and didn’t want to seem greedy taking too may books. As I pointed out they were there for the taking and what was left would be going to an op shop.

It was a great afternoon which was relaxing, enjoyable and a great way to celebrate my birthday with fantastic company. Everyone seemed to be happy with the books that they took home and in the process I got some new (old) books to read as well.

I don’t think the WordPress comment issue has resolved itself. Hannah wrote a blog post here about what she found, which may help some of you. If you find it difficult to leave a comment please feel free to email me at


  1. Happy birthday Janine! And what an amazing birthday party you’ve managed to organize! Props to that. I really like the theme you chose, and I love how it’s carried through even to the treat bags. How disgustingly creative. I love getting carried away with details like that with parties I used to set up, and now I’m getting carried away with our wedding. Wait until you see what I’ve concocted ;)

    Happy birthday again – and I hope that Mike of yours spoilt you rotten.

  2. What a fantastic idea – just love it. Those cupcakes are super special too.

  3. How cool – Just love those cupcakes – they are soooo cute! You did everything so well:) Go you! now, how young are you now…?

  4. Ohh man those cupcakes are just the cutest!! Such a fabulous party idea.

  5. I love the idea of a book swap party, and those cupcakes are SO cute! Glad you had a lovely birthday celebrating with friends and doing something you love.

  6. Happy birthday! Wow you look like you had it all covered for your celabrations and how cute and those cupcakes!

  7. great idea! :)

  8. You come up with the neatest ideas! Love the cupcakes, how cute were they!

  9. What a cool idea, love the cute little cupcakes.

  10. Happy belated birthday, mwah!
    What a lovely idea to have cupcakes instead :)
    Hope you’ve had a splendid time of it :)

  11. Happy belated birthday, Janine, mwah!
    Hope you’ve had a splendid time of it, love the idea of the cupcakes :)

  12. Oh Janine, what a sweet birthday idea and those bookworm cupcakes are so great! I bet it was a lovely way to celebrate your birthday. I love how you make your birthdays a big deal with a great party etc. We all need a good excuse to celebrate! Happy belated birthday hun xo

  13. Was lots of fun … and I now have a huge pile of books waiting to be read!


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