5 Things Friday

1. Potato and corn soup. I made this recipe for dinner last night and I had leftovers for my lunch today. I didn’t add the cream and next time I would only use a litre of stock. To me this was more a soup than a chowder. Was still yummy.

2. Crochet blanket. Perfect to have over your knees when you are working out a Sudoku.

3. Green Tea. Made with real leaves and no tea bag. A great drink on a cold day.

4. Sudoku – Tamar had some great tips that helped me get my head around this, I will confess I am slighty addicted to this app.

5. Scissors, glue, magazines and card. For creating a new vision board for the next six months.

What are 5 things that you liked about the day so far?


  1. That my heaters on and I have bugger all that has to be done today. My snuggly new sheets on my bed. Starting my SP challenge layout. And looking forward to going shopping with Glen tonight – lol – sad I know! Oh, and that the weekend is here at last:)

  2. Crocheting a poncho and other blankies here, I’m liking that the furbaby is curled up at my feet keeping them warm lol.

  3. That the cows, pigs, chickens and dogs are fed, and all warm and snuggly in their houses (yep even the cows have a house). That I got to catch up with Vicki at the dog park. That Donna is doing the grocery shopping and my house is all clean and warm.

  4. Mmmm soup! I really need to make some soup.
    Good things about today – library is looking awesome after my big sort out this week, found out I was awarded another scholarship (this will pay for a uni paper next year). Now I am looking foward to pizza, a few drinks & baby cuddles tonight.

  5. 1 Friday Emergency Chocolate at work!!!! 2 Staff telling me that I give painless injections 3 Picking up freebie movie tickets so teens/ partners can go out 4 hubby’s smile when I get home from a busy work day 5 The weekend

  6. 1. New Toy (See my Blog)….. 2. Excuse for new desk (also in blog)…. 3. Movie night with my gorgeous kids… 4. A finished picture (waiting for it to dry)… 5. Prawn Laksa for dinner…

  7. 1. Nurofen cold and flu tablets. 2. Mollie Makes mag in my letterbox. 3. Jessi sleeping over at a friends. 4. A d.i.y hut project for Liam’s birthday pressie. 5. The Craft House sale is underway!

  8. OMG I made the soup for dinner tonight, Added a couple of chopped chicken breast to bulk it up (also doubled the recipe) yummmmmmm delicious and all polished off by 8 impressed adults

  9. Love soup and Sudoku! Have you tried the ones in the Herald that have maths equations in them? Super hard!! I can manage to do the little ones but not the big ones.

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