Tea Cup Tuesday – The cats have come to tea today

The Cats Have Come To Tea

by Kate Greenaway

What did she see–oh, what did she see,

As she stood leaning against the tree?

Why all the Cats had come to tea.

What a fine turn out–from round about,

All the houses had let them out,

And here they were with scamper and shout.

“Mew–mew–mew!” was all they could say,

And, “We hope we find you well to-day.”

Oh, what should she do–oh, what should she do?

What a lot of milk they would get through;

For here they were with “Mew–mew–mew!”

She didn’t know–oh, she didn’t know,

If bread and butter they’d like or no;

They might want little mice, oh! oh! oh!

Dear me–oh, dear me,

All the cats had come to tea.

Smooch in her new playground which is located in our lounge. Her father bought this as a way to encourage her to use the scratching post and not our new couch of three weeks to sharpen her claws with. I didn’t think she would be impressed with it. While I have not seen her using the scratching posts yet she does love the little home in the middle.

I am sending out the questionnaires tonight for the Winter Self Care Swap later tonight. If you haven’t had a chance to register your interest and you would like to take part, leave a comment below letting me know or email me at Janine@xtreme.net.nz


  1. WOW cool house, we could design that on a bigger scale and turn it into a scrap/ craft/ woman cave!!!!

  2. Now that’s a fancy house!! Looking foward to me email :-)

  3. LOL She looks as snug as a bug in that wee house :)

  4. Well done I’d say. Over the years we have bought those contraptions for our cats and not one has ever been interested!!!

  5. Our girl loves her tower, sleeps on/in it, plays with the hangy bits…but even with all it’s great scratching surfaces she still prefers the couch for that.

  6. Ah I love that you refer to husband as Smooch’s father! Fiance and I do that to. I’m terrible for talking in the third person too – “just wait a minute Juniper, mommy is busy”. Yes, I’m crazy.

    Also, did you know you can use nail clippers to clip Smooch’s nails? I do it all the time. Retract the claw, and be careful not to clip close to the pink bit – just like your own nails. Works a treat.

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