Self Care Sunday – Look Great Feel Amazing!

Todays theme for self care Sunday was” Look Great Feel Amazing!”

I spent the day with a room full of woman attending in a one day workshop with Lisa O’Neill.

Lisa divided the workshop into five sections;

1. Who are you?

The person you are not the roles that you identify yourself by. This was a section that got me thinking about how I describe myself now, how others may describe me and how I would like to be. I have a bit of work to do to become the sparkly goddess that I want to be.

2. Looking hot. Your best you.

This section I got the most out of. It was about identifying your body shape and learning how to dress for that shape. We spent time identifying the time we spend at work and home, exercising, gardening, about town and dressed up. Then we looked at how our wardrobe reflects our activities. Another big message I will take away with me is dressing for my body as it is now, not when I loose weight. We spent time looking at how to conduct a wardrobe audit and your 24 must haves for your wardrobe.

3.Loving your body. Loving Yourself.

We answered a series of questions in our workbooks, about what we like about our body and what we don’t. What we feel fantastic in when we wear it. We covered things sich as diet and exercise and skin care and hydration. I have some work to do in this area but I am pleased to say I did find it easy to write a few things that I love about my body and that I have the skin care and hydration sorted.

4. Getting the life you want. Loving Yourself.

In this section we looked at what you do with your day, what your perfect day would look like. I like this section and a few of the activities we did have given me some new insight on how I can change some of my “shoulds” and look at how I can get rid of the “shoulds” and what I want to do more of.

5. Getting Happy

In this section we delved into what makes us happy, being nice to yourself and honouring yourself. I found that I do a lot of these things now which was nice to know I am on the right track. Whilst I don’t think I need to do more in this area, I do think I need to be consistent with this.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the information that Lisa shared with us throughout the day. It certainly has given me some food for thought and a list of things I will action over the next few weeks. Not all of them costing a fortune but small ways for me to honour myself. I would highly recommend this day to other women.

Other highlights of the day included her flowers on the table ( the photo at the start of this post were on our table), sparkly stars and a pile of sequins to pop into our purse at the end of the day. Lisa also had some yummy goodies to give away throughout the day and I managed to nab a pair of fab earrings that I cant wait to wear.

I went to this event on my own and although I knew no one, I enjoyed getting to know my table mates and didn’t feel odd going on my own.  I have no issues to going to things with friends, and at the same time I will go to things on my own as well. What about you? Do you prefer going with a friend or on your own? Or does it depend on what the event is?


  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic day! I would love to go to somethings like that.

  2. I went to the icing class on my own and for the first time ever i felt comfortable doing it! maybe that is something that comes with age lol.
    I love that you got to learn about your body shape and how to dress etc, I suck at that and would love to have someone like Suzanne and Trinny come and dress me! So go you for going on your own!

  3. Sounds like you got lots out of it Janine! I am getting happier to go to things on my own as time goes on:-)

  4. Like you Janine, it’s always wonderful to spend time with great friends, going to wonderful places, but I wouldn’t not go somewhere or do something just because a friend wasn’t able to make it, or it wasn’t there cup of tea. Glad to hear you had a great day out.

  5. So pleased you had a great day – I was hoping to attend but unfortunately had a conflicting commitment in the motning which made it impossible to attend. And I would’ve got to meet you ….. It sounds a wonderful day and I am glad you were able to take some things away with you – both concrete like the gorgeous earrings and the intangible too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts too.

  6. Sounds like a fantastic experience. I would struggle with question 1 I think. I have no problem doing things by myself – in fact I often prefer it.

  7. What a great day! I love all 5 of those points, they are SO true! But of course we all need reminding of those things, don’t we? Thanks for reminding me … I needed it today.

  8. Well, sparkly goddess … you know me … I prefer to go to things with you holding my hand! Sounds like a great day though … lots to think about … but also from what you’ve written, lots you can congratulate yourself about already doing.

  9. I used to be very shy and not want to go to anything on my own, but I have gotten over that (mostly) since I did my nursing degree. Ongoing education is a huge confidence booster

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